Monday, June 2, 2014

Zero Plastic Week is next week!

So, Zero Plastic Week is fast approaching (one week away!), and I need to get serious about things that I'm going to work on eliminating (i.e.-not being lazy). 

Things that sometimes sneak into our house:
Tea bags (although I try to buy a brand which does not use plastic for the teabag itself, the bags are still individually wrapped)
Cheese with plastic wrap
Meat wrapped in plastic
Packing material from things ordered online

Ninety-nine percent of this comes down to pure laziness on my part.  

Can I get cheese at the Whole Foods cheese counter? Yes, I can.
Can I use loose leaf tea ALL THE TIME, not just in the morning? Yes.
Can I ask stores/people that I order online from to ship without plastic packaging? Yes.

The meat counter is the trickiest.  Sometimes they are willing to use my container, and other times not.  I will just have to be persistent and find the right employees.  Perhaps I will try bringing in my own wax paper for them to wrap it in...

So why am I doing Zero Plastic Week?  Because plastic doesn't go away.  Because it doesn't biodegrade like other materials.  Because we have an ocean full of plastic refuse.  Because sea turtles eat it.  Because there are better alternatives most of the time.

Some food-related suggestions to get you started for Zero Plastic Week:

1. Bring your own shopping bags, produce bags, and shop in the bulk bins.
2. Say no to straws at restaurants.  Bring a glass or stainless steel one if you want.
3. Bring your own mug for coffee, or fill it up at home.
4. Use a French Press or Chemex for making your coffee at home. (No more horrible disposable coffee pods!)
5. Buy loose leaf tea.
6. Cook your own beans instead of buying canned.
7. Buy your bread from a bakery or make your own.
8. Make your own yogurt.
9. Use cloth napkins.
10. If you are eating out at a restaurant and likely to have leftovers, bring a container with you, instead of using their styrofoam one. 
11. Bring your own metal or bamboo utensils so you don't get stuck with plastic forks.

What disposable plastic do you struggle with??  I will be saving any plastic that I accumulate next week to keep myself accountable.

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