Friday, June 12, 2015

Plastic Free July--take the challenge!

It is approaching my favorite time of year--Plastic Free July!  This will be the third time I am participating.

What is Plastic Free July, you ask?

From their website: "Plastic Free July aims to raise awareness of the amount of single-use disposable plastic in our lives and challenges people to do something about it."

Basically, it asks us to examine the amount of disposable plastic (any plastic that is meant to be used once or very little and thrown away) we are using and encourages to find alternatives.

 Some things you can do:

1. Bring your own bag
2. Bring your own water bottle
3. Refuse a straw when you go out to restaurants, or bring your own glass straw
4. Bring your own utensils
5. Bring your own travel mug for tea and coffee
6. Say no to coffee pods!
7. Shop from the bulk bins for dry goods (rice, beans, grains, etc.) using your own cloth bag or mason jar
8. Use vinegar, baking soda and bar soap for cleaning
9. Compost your food scraps
10. DIY personal care products
11. Shave with a safety razor 
12. Use glass storage in the kitchen--Pyrex, mason jars, etc.

Some posts to get you started:

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I will be posting some helpful tips in the coming weeks for those of you who are going to go plastic free with me :)